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Why Every Lift Must be on a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Commercial buildings rely on lifts for convenience and as a necessity for visitors with mobility issues. The installation of a lift is only a small part of the overall responsibility of owning this type of feature. Without reliable maintenance, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of anyone in or near the lift. Here are four reasons why scheduling frequent lift inspections and maintenance services are so important.

Identify Problem Parts

Even a newly installed lift is vulnerable to defective parts. Wear and tear over time also causes damage to all the moving parts. Regular maintenance allows every component vital to the function and safety of the lift to undergo inspection and be replaced whenever there is any evidence of a potential failure.

Protect all Equipment

Scheduling inspections with lift maintenance contractors help to keep all parts properly lubricated and clean of dust and debris. Doing this allows the parts to operate smoothly for a more comfortable and quiet ride and it prevents premature wear of the components.

Identify any Vandalism

Vandalism is possible no matter how upscale a building and its inhabitants may be. One of the main problems occurs when people throw rubbish into the chute or when liquid is spilled between any gaps. Regular cleaning services help to remove any foreign material for problem-free use.

Stop any Infestation

Any cavities in a structure that are not regularly visited by humans are a natural nesting spot for a variety of rodents. An infestation greatly increases the risk of electrical problems as well as issues with the movement of the lift if there is too much nesting material caught in its path. Inspections identify rodent activity so the building owner is able to have the animals removed before their activity becomes a concern.

Maintenance and inspections services should be ordered at least once every year. Busy lifts may need attention even more frequently. Additional visits are recommended if any issues arise with the operation of a lift or if a problem like vandalism or rodents is noticed. Building owners or managers should speak with contractors about the volume of use the lift experiences along with the age of the machine to establish a sensible schedule.

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